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About Swan Academy

Swan Academy, Indore was founded by Mr. Sanjay Mandloi, Mr. Deepak Jaiswal & Mr. Devendra Pachoriya with the vision of making a substantial difference to the society through the field of education. The Academy has become a renowned and well established name in the arena of coaching for Civil Services Examinations: UPSC and MPPSC. The very fact that in such a short span, more than 72 students from the Swan Academy have achieved spectacular success in UPSC/MPPSC speaks volumes for itself. However, it is pertinent to note at this juncture that the Swan Academy is not just ‘another UPSC/MPPSC coaching class’ solely aimed at commercial interests. In fact, it is not a commercially driven institute, but a movement with much broader and deeper vision and commitment towards an egalitarian and truly democratic polity and society.

Swan Academy is sincerely committed towards the goal of an egalitarian and democratic society where the discriminatory walls between rich and poor, urban and rural, upper and lower castes, men and women, English speaking and vernacular etc don’t inhibit the opportunities for development of one’s inner potential. Moreover it aims at eradication of all such divides. For this to happen, The Academy believes, it is very necessary that the deprived sections of the society have to be empowered in the real sense of the term. Swan Academy strongly believes that if the real empowerment of the teeming millions has to materialize rapidly, the polity and society have to be sensitive towards the prevailing injustices, inequalities and oppressions in the society. It is equally necessary that the future Indian leadership, the decision makers, should hail from the hitherto marginalized, deprived and oppressed sections of the society. For, they can ensure that the system doesn’t become exploitative, but becomes more responsive, responsible and humane. Hence the Academy strives hard to send socially sensitive and responsive candidates in the civil services so that they can make every effort to change the ‘system’ from within. With such noble intentions at heart,
The motto of the Academy “ Where success begins…” manifests this very ethos of the Academy. In order to realize its objective of shaping up sensitive and socially committed bureaucrats, especially from the hitherto marginalized sections of the society, the Academy is constantly engaged in the task of spreading the awareness of competitive exams in the nooks and corners of Madhya Pradesh, especially in rural areas so that more and more students can become successful in them. Apart from taking regular batches for UPSC/MPPSC examinations and IAS Foundation Course, the Academy has been organising free workshops, seminars, conferences, lecture series by successful candidates, Friday Frontline, Publication of useful study material and books with a special focus on English medium students, running a Canopy style ,Modern book store for easy and convenient access to books for students, so on and so forth. Through its meticulously designed courses, activities and publications the Swan Academy provides relevant and pragmatic guidance to the students.
Swan Academy along with coaching, also offers personal guidance to each individual student on holistic development of his/her personality. In other words it prepares the students to succeed in any competitive exam per say.


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